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    Glucose 5%
    Manni-Tech 10%
    Metronidazole 0.5%
    NaCl 0.9%
    Solutio Novocaini 0.25%
    Natrii citrati 4%
    Diprosalic Lotion 30 ml
    Freederm Shampoo Tar 150 ml
    Intron 18 miu 3ml 1 vial
    Triderm Cream 15 g
    Augmentin tab. 375mg N20
    Augmentin inj. 600mg N1
    Dermovate Oint 25g Tube
    Imigran Tab. 50mg N2
    Levitra 5mg 2 tab
    Mylogin Caps 250mg N10
    Mylogin Caps 250mg N20
    Oxybral Caps 30mg N20
    Septrin Paed Susp 100ml N1
    Valtrex tab. 500mg N10
    Vitamax Caps N5
    Zantac Tab. 150mg N20
    Zeffix Tab 100mgx28
    Zinacef Inj 750mg N1
    Zofran Tab 4mg N10
    Zyban 150 mg tabs. X 60
    Wellbutrin SR 150mg 60 tab
    Astmopent Aer 400Ds 0.75mg
    Salbutamol inh
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