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1925. Lisapharma is founded in the back of a pharmacy. At the beginning only galenic formulations are prepared, then the company grows and becomes a real pharmaceutical factory.
1949. The Bologna plant was destroyed during the Second World War. The company decides to move to the north, to Erba (CO). The new plant is completed in 1949.
1968. The export vocation of Lisapharma has distant origins in time and in geography. In this year begins to export to Taiwan, the first foreign destination of our drugs and still in the list of the countries covered.
1970. At the beginning of 1970, the company sought to internationalize by building a plant in Nicaragua. Shortly thereafter, during the Civil revolution, the plant was first nationalized and then destroyed.
1993. Thanks to the legislation approved in that period in Italy, Lisapharma starts the contract manufacturing business and the first customer, for an injectable product, is Novartis.
2000. The company decides to focus on the production of injectables. The departments producing solid oral forms are restructured and the related products of Lisapharma’s list are outsourced
2008. Lisapharma enters in medical devices sector with topical and injectable forms. The first registered Medical device is our Skincol. The company achieves the certifications ISO 13485 and ISO 9001.
2014. A department for the aseptic repartition of sterile powders is completely revamped and is authorized by AIFA
2015. A department for the production of injectable liquid forms, solutions and suspensions, is completely restructured and obtains the authorization oby AIFA. In the same year a new external warehouse is also authorized, necessary to cope with the increase in volumes. The FDA project is launched.
2019. Lisapharma expands its horizons by opening up to international partnerships.