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Logistics/Warehousing in PharmaTech

Pharmaceutical logistics is related to the handling, transport, and chain management of pharmaceutical products, the vast majority of which require specific conditions in their logistic treatment.

PharmaTech has a highly equipped temperature and humidity-controlled warehouse for finished products with an area of more than 4.000m2. Sophisticated Building Management System is installed, ensuring strict control of required regimes. We have also walk-in cold rooms with 2-80C and 8-150C preservation modes, where additional parallel data recording and control system is installed. Climate equipment has 2 independent power supply, backed-up by 2 different generator systems ensuring uninterrupted temperature control.

Pharmatech has also a contingency plan for fast evacuation of the products in case of emergency. 

Apart from the main warehouse, we have also warehousing facilities of about 3.500m2 for different product categories, including, but not limited to quarantine, API, packaging materials, and rejected. Storage areas are maintained clean and dry, provide ambient storage conditions (temperature, humidity), and are monitored by the BMS program.

Our fleet consists of vans of different sizes, all with temperature control and recording, allowing us to deliver goods of any volume.

With the help of our well-trained staff, we provide the full range of services of the value chain starting from the product order, custom clearance, registration, and warehousing up to the provision to the final customer.

Every procedure for handling and storage of pharmaceutical products is carried out and is in compliance with Good Distribution and Good Storage Practices (GDP and GCP).